“Why can’t you change the world?”

 Below is a copy of “Our Collective Dream” my letter outlining the reasons behind IEE. Below is also a video helping to expand on why a program like IEE needs to exist. For more information please visit innovationexchanges.org or email contact@innovationexchanges.org

Our Collective Dream

To all of the ambitious young people out there,
I know the struggles you face. I know because they are the same obstacles that I encounter. I know what it feels like to have big dreams, I know what it feels like to want to change the world, I know all of those good feelings, but I also know all of the negative ones.

I know that feeling of hitting the wall, when you feel like your efforts are failing, when you feel like a failure, when it feels like everyone is laughing at you. I also know what it feels like to think that the whole world is working against you, I understand that feeling of powerlessness.

All of that is why I wanted to start Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exchanges. I know that there is a lot of potential within young people everywhere, and I wanted to create something that would be able to convert more of that potential into impact. That’s why our Collective Dream at Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exchanges is simple.

Turn Ambition into Action

Turning ambition into action is about taking people who we know have a high level of potential, taking people who are highly motivated and giving them the skills, tools and mindsets needed to turn their ambition into action.

The core components of our program are travel and entrepreneurship. Travel is about going outside of your comfort zone, outside of familiar surroundings, and familiar circumstances.  Travel provides the ideal environment for a full mindset change and impactful action to be initiated. Entrepreneurship is about solving problems, about using first principles thinking and creative design to reframe, replace, or invent solutions.  The world needs smart young people to build things and entrepreneurship provides a path to truly impactful and sustainable change.

I wanted to create a program to crush the idea that if you were not born lucky you won’t be able to turn your ambition into action. Sure some people do have advantages, but I also firmly believe that if you have the drive, and if you are willing to put in the work, you can overcome the obstacles put in your way. Only you determine how far you can go.

Our dream on paper is simple: Turning Ambition into Action. It will take a lot of work, it will require lots of energy to overcome barriers constructed by society, but even harder will be deconstructing the ones that you have built internally.  That’s our collective dream, by turning the ambition of young people into action, we know we will be able to change the world.

Ben Jones

Executive Director

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exchanges | innovationexchanges.org