Tomorrow is Coming

Tomorrow is Coming. The world is changing now more than ever before. The only way to thrive and prosper is to embrace the possibilities that change will bring. Tomorrow is Coming is a project dedicated to helping to inspire the change makers of the future.

Tomorrow is Coming includes my video and vlogs, my articles, as well as the namesake Podcast “Tomorrow is Coming”. Discover more about the guests I’ve interviewed, content I’ve dived into and access free resources below. If you have any questions about Tomorrow is Coming please reach out to me and send me a note.

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FeatureD Content

Take a look at some of the most notable and popular content I’ve put out there. I cover a whole host of topics. Anything from the nitty gritty of starting a business, all the way to taking a look at how technology will take us in the future. My promise is that no matter what you watch, you’ll learn something new and useful. For more content check out my posts on LinkedIn.

How to find your business idea

Starting a business can be incredibly difficult but also incredibly rewarding. This video helps to outline what is needed to find a worthy problem to solve. Included is a free resource to help you brainstorm and analyze your business idea - which you can find by using the link here.

the least secure jobs - law and medicine?

Law and Medicine are seen as prestigious and secure career choices for students deciding what they want to do with their lives. However with the pace of change are these career paths really the best?